Artlu bubble & the dead animal gang

In this day and age simplicity seems to be the way to go for most people. Short band names seem to be the norm for a culture that has their distracted little noses stuck into a smart phone. Well, not in the case for Artlu Bubble & The Dead Animal Gang. This five-piece combo found it's better to come up with a band name you'll be sure to forget. But once you've heard this band's songs you won't be struggling to remember the name, in fact, you'll be rushing off to the nearest tattoo parlor to carve their name across your chest.

The band calls their sound Kitchen Folk, and rightfully so. Like The Rolling Stones, they began writing most of their material while being cooped up in the depths of their own scuzzy kitchen. Artlu Bubble & The Dead Animal Gang combine their modern-day songwriting craft with the Top 10 'hit-song' sensibilities of mid-60's garage bands mixed with the whimsical harmonic mastery of acoustic folk music legends of the 60's and 70's. Their unique sound have lead them into concerts from the tiniest of bar-room stages to the largest of festival engagements around Switzerland. In the Summer of 2013, the band arranged Californian producer, Robert J. Butler, to record at Outside Inside Analog Studio in Italy along side with engineer Matt Bordin. The two extracted the best essence of these youngsters. The results were fantastic and the album was released soon after on Fruit Jelly Records to a sold-out crowd in their hometown of Bern.
Artlu Bubble & The Dead Animal Gang

Artlu bubble & the dead animal gang:

Bern (CH)