For many years, the Swiss-multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Matthias Gunsch aka nówfrago has been writing and producing enchanting melodies. To evolve them into complex songs nówfrago has been collecting sounds from many regions of the world i.e. a bagpipe-played in Copenhagen, breaking off ice from the Gorner glacier and goats from remote areas of Sardegna. He has lived and worked on his music in the deserted northern part of Norway and in the remotest valleys of the Alps. Due to his former self-doubt in his composition and singing skills, his first two albums never found their way to the public.
How fortunate that he has left his hesitation behind him: With his first release, the astonishing `In Love With The Blackbird` nówfrago opens with a true masterpiece. nówfrago creates songs that sound dark and euphoric at the same time. His playful but very concrete soundscapes are reminiscent of some of the musique concrète output and of contemporary songwriters like Patrick Watson or Beck.
`In Love With The Blackbird` (Zoey Records / Godbrain) is a creative DIY album. It has been produced by nówfrago and recorded at various locations including his humble bedroom and a noisy apartment in the heart of Zurich. Drums, percussion, melodica, keyboards and more have been played by him in this studio. The production costs have been covered by his own finances and contributions from crowdfunders. The cover has been serigraphed with his own hand.
But of course a lot of nice people have been involved in creating this album:
The very busy musician and sound-engineer Slade Templeton (Defunct! / Crying Vessel) who recorded the lead vocals at his well-known influx-Studios, direct to tape and also did the mixing and the mastering of the songs; the pianist, Maja Nydegger (Akku Quintett, Blaer); the (upright) bassplayer, Valentin von Fischer (Hot Club de Berne); as well as trombone player, Julia Rüffert (Rosenzweig Orchestra / Low Brass Experience); violinist and singer Eleonora Stassi; and his "old" dukush-companions Nicole Widmer (Vox on `You Shall Overcome`) and Christian Caspar (guitar on `Milwausea`) all of who have enriched the album with their talent and skills.



Bern / Zürich / Basel (CH)