Listening to Chemistry, the debut EP from Swiss Dark Pop trio Parrot to the Moon, feels like a trance inducing night drive –  you're riding a runaway bullet with sweeping headlights dancing just beyond the windshield, exposing a flickering empty highway. The instrumentation is unrelenting, a powerful well oiled machine – all warm, vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines, an e-bass and a ripple of metallic guitars ( a very clearly intended head nod towards the darker shade of 80s sound ). The vocals complete and focus the arrangements with addictive melodies that drift into morphine like cinematic affect.  

This is music for lost lovers, dreamers, and those who love to revel in immersive introspection and explore heavily amplified emotional spaces. These speak of lost love (Silence Burns), the intricate maze of emotional projection (Chemistry), emotional paralysis (Sea of Calm), and the beauty of a hypnotic night drive (Highway 5am). Each song on this concept release relentlessly carves itself deeper into a thick blue, impenetrable darkness – hinting and toying with the idea of an anodyne dawn just beyond the next bend. A feeling of being unplugged and released from a melancholy inflected heightened emotional awareness is guaranteed after the listening experience is over.

It's impossible not to call this a concept work as, each song on this EP is a fractal –  connected to and derived from the greater narrative and sound, yet utterly unique, giving its own inflection to the whole. The sound design is spacious, crystalline, yet intimate and warm. But the best thing about this EP is that it's audacious with its unique take on intelligent, timeless Pop.

Parrot to the Moon is a trio: Dominique Hindermann (vocals, string synths, omnichord), David Muther (guitar, synths, space fx), and Sascha di Piazza (bass synths, arpeggiated synths, samples, e-bass, drum machines). They are dedicated to making quality Electronic Pop music for lovers of arpeggios and a darker type of sound. Their remix for Vincent Nuit feat. Dead Astronauts was included on Vincent's EP  which happened to climb to the "top of the pops" on the Beatport Pro Charts, and stayed there for over two weeks! The fellas don't hide the fact that they're out to conquer the world and tour every inch and crevice of it as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.
Parrot To The Moon


Bern / Frauenfeld (CH)