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Out of the madness, the euphoria is back – after six singles, one EP and one album, Swiss Indie Wave Band Matto Rules releases its second album «Hidden Scenes». The nine songs or scenes stem from the world of the subconscious. Oscillating between cryptic solitude and exaltation, they depict a broad spectrum of this half-awake intermediate world, powerfully evoked by the singer's surreal dream- interpretation lyrics.

The new album’s captivating sound is the result of the collaboration between five idiosyncratic personalities: the vocals summon The Doors vibe of the 60's with catchy melodies and analogue delays, the synthesizers indulge the wave of the next generation, while guitars, bass and drums celebrate an anti-thesis without frills, that is based in the here and now. In this respect, «Hidden Scenes» contrasts with Matto Rules' previous records without neglecting their oft spot for retro music.

The first single «Dive» opens and is the name-giver with the chorus line «diving into hidden scenes». With wave synths, indie guitars, somnambulant vocals and a hypnotizing mesh of bass and drums, the song irresistibly drags the listener into the band’s dream world. Once there, the wave of subconscious surges, wiping reality away - right up until the very last note of the song.
The second single «Mind Cab» also unleashes an irresistible maelstrom. Escape and alter egos are at the core of the lyrics, while musically, the synths slide into the background and give way to a hypnotic and repetitive rhythm section.

The surreal dream world lives on in the music videos of the singles. Mostly filmed with the boomerang app, they are an assemblage of numerous dream snippets that distort everyday situations and shift perception with their forward-backward motion.

Matto Rules have set forth to a musical and conceptual venture that captures the spirit of the moment.

Matto Rules

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