Having grown up in a busy household with many siblings and two teacher parents Brendan’s music reflects the contrasts between the different worlds he’s always found himself in. Being neither white nor black in the new South Africa, having educated parents in a neighbourhood where this was a rare privilege, being an English native speaker amongst solely Afrikaans native speakers while growing up…the list is endless.

What inspired Brendan to music was the role it played in freeing people all over the world, whether providing a brief escape from troubles, or sending out a message of protest, whether lifting peoples’ spirits or voicing their desolation.

Brendan’s father is a devoted 60’s/70’s music buff and musical educator, and from birth Brendan revelled in the sounds of Bob Dylan, Sting, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Rodriguez, Jimi Hendrix  and van Morrison. At high school a love for poetry and the power of words cemented Brendan’s skills at acute observation and recording of the workings of the world and its’ people. When at 19 Brendan discovered that he was a natural at acoustic guitar playing his future as an artist was decided.

Although earliest compositions led to some radio success in South Africa Brendan felt the need to explore the world. A working holiday in Scotland eventually led to Brendan getting to know Europe well. A long and adventurous journey with much time spent in the UK and central Europe, all the while experiencing varying cultures.

It was then in Switzerland that attending an open-mic in Zürich  that Brendan’s career begins. He produced his first Sudio Album. Following 3 studio albums and 2 EPs released over the last 6 years. May 2014 saw the release of Brendan’s latest studio album Spirit, produced by 10 time Latin Grammy winner Àlvaro Alencar. Brendan’s come a long way from where he has his musical roots: the vibrant, ever-changing, creative and inspiring city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Artlu Bubble & The Dead Animal Gang


Cape Town, South Africa